“Medea” Euripides

This great play had been replaced from one reading list to another few times before I got it read. Reasons as usual are ridicilous. But it appeared as the short play I got very fast. The plot is about the family of Jason. He left his wife Medea for the young girl from respectful and powerful family. But Medea is not a person who can accept the humilation. She is like an anxious beast which torment soul with planning the revenge. Jason offered her to migrate the other place and took resourses for the route. But she decided to come … Continue reading “Medea” Euripides


It’s going on to be the second post on Bond’s theme. But what if the incredible production design hadn’t gone away from my head for so long? It was the second Bond’s film I ever watched. The main thing I enjoyed during the whole film is design. My eyes were grateful for all those stills. Including not only the main content but the logo screen too. As for me I did micro skethes of the minor composition in process and could understand and see it better than ever. The other think I liked was the drama. As actually it had been there. … Continue reading Skyfall