Romantic and beautiful. The new Bond’s film

It was the evening of “Spectre” – new film about James Bond adventures. The cinema hall was half full although it’s Sunday. We of course had the beast seats.

I really enjoyed the beginning. There were the very classical cadres of Bond in the black circle. Bond  and then very creative logo screens. In the broken glasses’ pieces we could see visual memories reflecting on the surface and disappearing into deep, then everything was seized by disgustful octopus’s tentacles, slimy and soggy. That was very promising start and I couldn’t believe that the whole film had been only ahead.

The scenes in Mexico were wonderful. The very idea to show it on the background of the Deadmen’s fair is something special. And we of course see how he does with women, firstly tender but then careless. As we don’t watch what happened after the scene with woman we get it doesn’t matter.

There are many gracious enviroments. As the train and the informational centre in Africa, Medical Centre in Austria, London’s new building of course, and the secret club in Rome. As I observed there was so classic scene of fall down from the very top of the staircase. The new glassy enviroment but the same trick. There were vew very visual presentation of information. Such as the scene in yacht: look here on the old building and then look there on the new building. The final scene was a bit theatrical. The centre with two enemies and on both sides the boss and the girl. Two pathes for one choice.
Of course something seemed unrealistical but Ok this is the style of adventure film. James Bond will run and shoot enemies anyway, after any kind of harm. And this is the romantic. The person who is stubborn in so dangerous business and so close to the inner life. I won’t amaze if it is the fact and women like it even more than men. And I like it too.


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