“Medea” Euripides

This great play had been replaced from one reading list to another few times before I got it read. Reasons as usual are ridicilous. But it appeared as the short play I got very fast.

The plot is about the family of Jason. He left his wife Medea for the young girl from respectful and powerful family. But Medea is not a person who can accept the humilation. She is like an anxious beast which torment soul with planning the revenge. Jason offered her to migrate the other place and took resourses for the route. But she decided to come her plan true and persuaded Jason to remain two sons with him. They had to gift the young bride the poisoned tiara. As the did so she couldn’t take it away and died in the throes. Hit Jason meets Medea who had just died their sons and was going to ride with bodies. But then she awkardly sinked in a water. Jason is left alone.
The plot is simple as a piece of pie but the modernity of questions is crucial. We still have women who are so crazy about their marriage and family that any destroy can drive them mad. And men who care about children but in the context of own pleasure. Jason seems so reasonable in his explanation of his desicion that it would be unfair to call him reckless. Actually he offered her so much practical aim and was polite as possible. Isn’t it the way the men get rid of pregnant lovers? Maybe.

Of course the idea of such unciviled revenge seems unavailable now. But mainly this is so actual that the historical things just remind us about human nature what haven’t changes so much as we would like to think.


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