People break from the traditions of their predecessors.


During the whole history of humanity, the views on ethic, culture and social life changed a lot. From the world of masters and their slaves, we passed to the world of liberal ideas and better opportunities for not privileged segments of population too.

Sadly or fortunately, nothing is able to change in better or worse side being the same as it was in the past. To my opinion, breaking from the traditions of predecessors is one of the necessary steps in changing the existed situation. As we cannot have whole eggs and omelette simultaneously, we cannot to be new and old.

However, we can observe that categorical break with heritage is rather temporary event than something constant. For instance, after the civil war in Russia, the red army decided to have the quite different uniform for army than it had been in time of Imperial Russia. But the soldiers looked ridiculous and funny in the new form. After some time they returned to the previous design for slim and gracious officers.

The same change was in the history of art. In the nineteenth century, Russian visual art devoted to the culture of Ancient Greek until the people lived far from the perfect world. The society of Peredvizhniks rotated it through 180 degrees, and took the real life as the main topic. But in the beginning of the twentieth century the other artistic community “The world of art” had been tired with harsh reality of poor and unhappy people. They appealed that arts are not about reality but about dreams and perfect life.

To sum up, traditions are very important part of the culture and it is not so easy to break from. As the first emotional step of development, it is normal, but then society look for something stable and rigid. This is why traditions may be renewed and returned into the life of society as something absolute.


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