The Parade’s end

The film I really enjoy last days is “The Parade’s end”. I was looking for something with british accent and few series on every day. But fortunately it appeared to be a something so special for me that I found out myself reading articles and looking at photos while I had to make my exercises for exams. Today we are watching the last series. Hope it will meet expectations.


The film itself is based on the book of Ford Madox Ford “The Parade’s end”, but what is so value is that the script was written by Tom Stoppard. Except the drama, I really delight production design of this film. It is like pictures of the artist. Costumes, interiors are so picturesque that without sound it is still  worth a look.

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So, the story is about the family of rigid tory (performed by B.Cumberbatch) and his wife – flirty woman (Rachel Hall). They have a son and both don’t know who is the real farther. Silvia (his wife) tortured him a lot, but then changed in a very strange manner. Christopher met a young innocent girl who take part in movement of feminists.


The plot is clear and typical. But the development of characters is so deep. It happens because of not only their own life with meets, weddings and deaths but because of the War too. Christopher once said that the War broke the last dignity of England. The destroy of his own nature is evident. He is not happy and doesn’t act to improve his privite life with wife. Tietjens is so intellegent that his behaviour varies between machine and personal weakness.


His wife being a woman of easy virtue who despise her husband at the beginning of the film transforms into one her adore him but at the same time hate for his aristocratic self-restraint. She looks great, her manners with people are self-condemned but actually she’s even less happy than Christopher.

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I try to be short but feel I write too much words and maybe I need to read the book to piece together my thoughts.



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