The desire for higher status

The motives of people depend on basic ideas of happiness the society has. As at the root of any desire lies the wish of happy life. The point that most people act desiring to have a big account in the bank and high status seems at first glance an accurate observation. The world of capitalism shows the picture of fully life as the life of abundance and privilege. This life should have any excellent new good from the market as well as any kind of professional service for family. Most of people undoubtedly take this idea as truly natural and … Continue reading The desire for higher status

The force

That was so fascinating visit to cinema theatre so great the film was. I mean “Star wars. Force awakenings.” There wasn’t any moment of boredom or tiresome what is so frequently at action films. I even didn’t feel awkwardness of 3d glasses the whole time. I won’t speak anything about production design, it’s great because of it’s naturalness, because of it’s unobtrusiveness. Like coming back home. The plot has the best qualities of the last series. The same time it has deep phylosophy with easy basic idea of fight darkness and light and simple system of characters (but it remind me … Continue reading The force