The force

That was so fascinating visit to cinema theatre so great the film was. I mean “Star wars. Force awakenings.” There wasn’t any moment of boredom or tiresome what is so frequently at action films. I even didn’t feel awkwardness of 3d glasses the whole time.

I won’t speak anything about production design, it’s great because of it’s naturalness, because of it’s unobtrusiveness. Like coming back home.

The plot has the best qualities of the last series. The same time it has deep phylosophy with easy basic idea of fight darkness and light and simple system of characters (but it remind me greek myths). It has quite a lot of common ideas of evil and good. For instance, the uniform of the first orden’s general influenced with the nazi’s outfit design. Being at the process of war we are gumble about win and the scenes of fights aren’t so long and tiresome as usual.

But the main is characters. They are so great, we can see just hints about them but it’s enough to get the idea that Ben isn’t so simple as well as Ray.

After the watch the ideas of force and the fact of deep cultural value made me absolutely inspired, it absolutely cleaned the mind up. I remembered how much I loved this saga.


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