Atonement by McEwan

After watching the film based on this book and directed by J.Wright I emotionally wanted to read it. The images which Sarah Greenwood composed  made the impression of beautiful, glorious story. It reminded me a spirit of Virginia Woolf’s books which I really adored a few years ago.

Unwillingly and not casually I had already read some of his books and enjoyed them even in the translation. Those were ‘The child in time’ and ‘Sweet tooth’.

At the first glance, the writing style seemed me a bit vague and difficult to read. However after some pages it had become ok.

The plot is quite easy. Two persons grew up near and didn’t mix with. Then they immediately realized that they loved each other all that time. But the cousin appeared to had been raped after the dinner. Because of some emotional reasons young sister made a rigid decision to accuse a guy. He went into prison, she cut off family. Then elder sister became a nurse and younger started to study to be too. Sweethearts connect only with letters. He was conscribed to army. The younger sister after the wedding between her cousin and the real rapist came to the elder. There was he too and they decided how to remove his guilt. After this we see the meeting of the family in the old house. There are no sweethearts. The final where the young sister came to them was imagined by her for the book she had written to show the truth. This is the plot.

The characters are shown with tiny details, we can feel their breath and the texture of fabric on them. The soul’s conditions’ conveyed through landscapes and inner reflections.

The book is about atonement. It’s about a crack of the family and long term amendment. It’s about strange real love what survived after the prison and the war. It’s about people who hesitate, reflect and make mistakes. There described the way back to harmony between and within people.

Symbols of crack and the power of time were clear. It is the vase as the reason for the meet and then it’s full destruction.

As for me I took the idea that the creative person in any tough conditions is the observer. And this state makes everything much easier. The other point: don’t wait if you feel like this, don’t wait until some moment, the life is short and may be worse without some people around.


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