“Brooklyn” 2015

Once months ago I bounced on the pretty looking and romantic trailer of the film about young girl who moved on to America. I thought it was a good film for the weekend. My intention was supported with the Oscar nomination.

Yesterday we finally managed to watch it. My first impressions were quite mediocre. It was impossible for me to understand the female tears in these good living conditions and compassion her.

The plot is simple. Young girl who worked at the local bakery was torn and moved on to America for better life. There she felt nostalgia about her hometown and relatives. Then at the dances she meets an Italian boy, fell in love with him. Her exams for qualification passed good and boyfriend was going to marry her. But then at one moment everything changes. Her sister immediately died by some illness and main character went to Ireland. Before the trip she married her boyfriend, but at the hometown she doesn’t inform anyone about this little fact. This is why people try to throw her together with local gentleman. Everything is ready to make her his wife. But at the crucial moment she disclosed her condition and go to Brooklyn to the husband.

At the beginning we understand that moving wasn’t her personal desire, she just satisfied her sister’s wish. During the first part of the film she’s always awkward and closed. New life make her feel alone make her vulnerable. But outside obstacles end with the appearance of the boyfriend. It outlines so strong that we feel tired with this idea. Her decisions seemed us inconsistent and hesitant. Why she walked with Jimm being married with another guy? Why she didn’t inform people about her state? We can’t feel some inner plan or strong decision behind her. Marrying her was just a case of speed and agility. There wasn’t any perceivable difference between her feelings to Jimm and Italian.

The only difference which I observed was the attitude of townsmen to her. At Brooklyn she is a newcomer who tries to live better. At the hometown she is someone special with her foreign experience, certificate and fashionable style. Everyone knows her, she knows everyone. Brooklyn is evidently bigger and has urban lifestyle which differs from country’s at home.

Even though picture was beautiful, it seemed sometimes too rectilinearly. Of course, I don’t like such kind of films where romantic ideas press down logic. Looking at our usual kind of films we have a strong habit to look at goal oriented persons who are focused on their life and hasn’t so much subconscious romantism. We forget about ordinary people’s lives and wait for something extra. But the great majority of us is ordinary  and looking at each other’s incoherent actions maybe helpful to avoid them and catch the spirit of time.



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