Room 2015

Actually I didn’t wanted to watch it. Trailer seemed great, profound etc but I wouldn’t watch if I did not watch others Oscar films.

I won’t discribe the plot, it’s open but concentrate on ideas. Was it film only about two persons at the bound area? I presume it’s more about how limitations affect our understanding of the world. How it affects our psycho.

Joy and her son thought that the whole world is they are two. But when they escaped the room it turned out hard to agree with the idea that there are many people how can help. She didn’t wanted the psychologist to help Jack though she wanted him to develop. It was hard for her to really left the room and live different life. But not for Jack. When helpful parting happened he begun to develop, to connect with surroundings. He is so cleveer boy that we can’t understand sometimes how he manage to get things much quicker and easier than his mother. At the final scene he said great word that he don’t want the door be shut but say bye to the room. He farewelled and went with his mother further.

There are a lot of potential questions to discuss as the importance of fantasy, patience and courage. The dilemma of politeness which led her to the room.

Nonetheless, I compassioned this film too much and this morning felt the same tiredness as it shows. And personaly I’ve got that I forgot the beauty of personal lives and focused on social issues mostly. This is why I presume to watch Spotlight again.


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