Limitless 2011

Unexpectedly and immediately I’d watched the film which reached me with it’s topic. It’s “Limitless”. As anyone I’m interested in self-development and changes. This is why I can seriously watch “Being Erika”, “Eat, pray, love” or “Devil wears Prada”.

3713Concerning to this film I had really enjoyed it from the very logo. The animation of the introduction with its endless surreal movement into the depth is a good beginning. At once we can visually see the profound work of mind.


Then it was a delight to observe a person who changes his way of life because of change in mind. Clarity of inner sight makes the real life better. We change our point of view and the life itself changes too. The concentration and confidence open the understanding of hinself. That scene when he plunges into the sea and thinks about his direction of life is so exciting. He had a real reincarnation of himself. So much people are dreaming about the clear idea of their life and when we see him getting his own idea we feel a bit jealous but the same time compassionate. We all particularly hope to get it too. 2114

The farther drama story about the lethal side-effect, the involving of the girlfriend and the struggle with Russian guys is a bit crumpled but illustrative the same time. That all should show us how fragile such world can be and how firmly it snapped to the brain condition.


Of course the viewer would compassion to such lovely guy with no bad intentions. What’s wrong? It even seems that he merits these all. Maybe it’s because of the idea that we actually all merit the best (true or not doesn’t matter now). He is a good boy who do nothing wrong (but the unconscious murder). As we all are such good boys and girls the full realization of his life makes us happy too. Allegedly we can do it too. At least I’ve inspired and focus the whole this day.


Visual language is quiet clear: medicrity is blue and grey, the clarity of mind is orange and yellow, the borderline and anomality are distorted and mostly dark.


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