Extra positive film – Titanic

I’m going to say a outragious thing but before yesterday I had never watched the film “Titanic”. And the more shameful point is that I did not even want to watch it until I got my own educational way. So I intended to watch it like a cultural part of our world.

The very first frames took me a clear impression of high quality and great artistic work. They solved it great to take us the needed information at the beginning of the film: the main character is alive, Titanic drown, huge number of people died. Yes, we’ve got it and moved on to the romantic or it’s better to call artistic line.

The gun hung at the beginning will shoot at the end. Such the Titanic storyline is. The attempt of suicide and the salvage by Jack is a kind of repetition before the big catastrophe. Basically Jack transmitted the zeal for life to Rose, he was her bridge into the real vital life. The crash made this process sharp and visible as the previous bounds were erased and the picture of her life and people around became clear as morning after the calamity.

The big idea is absolutely positive, it preaches the life as a great value to live it honestly and fully, to be free in love and the way of living.


However, it does not estimate the picture of hell which Cameron proficiently shown to us. The social picture makes every heart indignant. The situation with limited places for safety emerges the old contradiction “How do we reckon who is more valuable to stay alive?” This question arise the drawbacks of social beings, permit to one kind of people to die while others want to have a comfort sitting at the boat. With such silly rules of preference people who deprived the chance to stay alive become instinctive animals desired to not to die anyway.mv5bmty0mdy2odkynv5bml5banbnxkftztcwodgwnduznw-_v1_sy1000_cr0014751000_al_

The whole picture of different people in terrible situation as well as in common voyage was done so artistically and with so profound understanding of human beings that I could only admire the director’s work and quess how could he manage to write the script, direct and produce such a huge picture like this. Definitely this film and James Cameron as a professional will be the sample of great work and artist’s level to keep up with.




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