My college portraits

So, these portraits are part of my studying process at the Art College. During that time I couldn’t make out that they are basically dark and a bit depressive. But it’s absolutely clear for me now that I was a gloomy closed person who can do such kind of academic work. I have many regrets about my learning but the same time I had a huge gratitude for all experience and skills I’ve got there.

We studied academic painting, drawing and composition as the separate subjects. The orders were strict enough and we had to report about our independent work every week. That was little painting studies made at the evenings or sketches from  each other. However, the experience of nonstop course made our skills long-term as even now after the gap year my academic level isn’t so bad as it usually happens with graduates.

I like to watch at the old pictures and see how I’m  like a person far away from that exact moment and how quickly time goes on and how it is joyful to feel yourself growing up.


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