Creating the music video

The last two weeks I was absorbed with making one video. That was a clear happiness to get response by my friend who accepted to play ‘a girl’. So I went to the game and got the knowledge that Woody Allen was right about process of filmmaking.

At the beginning you are like a God who write the greatest script ever. There are all logical and beautiful frames, valid gestures and perfect environment. I personally wrote it my minutes dividing them on the logical parts: the outset, action, culmination and denouement. As I recognise now, that was a big mistake to avoid listening and writing the same time. I certainly should cooperate music and action in my mind more explicitly. But, I got the script which I rewrote twice to get more actual movements. But I had hesitations then too.

After that there happened a break for a week as my friend Helga was busy and couldn’t be filmed. That time everything allegedly froze in a still pose and couldn’t progress. Such a creative process of mine is – day by day with only small pauses.

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The time of filming I was in a great rush because of the preparation to the relocation (I wonder if the professional filmmakers have problems with hardship of real life versus creativity.) That morning I met her at the bus stop and led to the place. I found out that another thing I had to do good was planning places, time frames and the order of shooting. I did scout at the places in the New Town but with the new script those were rejected naturally.

So, she looked great in her lung red dress with my white shawl. I stood with the camera and had to decide everything at once without long reflections. That was fun and strange to shout “action” really meaning “action”. Helga was a great in collaboration and did everything I asked with great enthusiasm and patience. She profoundly got that I feel embarrassed to command her and comforted me with assertion to work while it’s done. And we were filming the whole day with a break for lunch and recharging the camera.

einaudi life 004.MOV_snapshot_00.11_[2016.08.23_13.38.54]

That was a discover for me that the director should be aware of almost everything and even more (or people who know much more) about a film. It concerns the place of scene in the whole picture, the emotional charge of actors, how to set a certain mood of the people around, meaning and importance of the details, ability to recognise good shoot from bad. There are so much things the film director is about to know, to do and to control.

I’d got the hardship to the midday, but I’d got the great pleasure of creativity too. I couldn’t feel any weariness to the very end of the day. Immediately my mind managed to accumulate many other ideas to realise and something vague to think about. That was a great energy of making things done.


The final step – editing was going on long and hard as I expected. Woody Allen was right about this process. At the beginning your script is great, then you just try to make it suitable at the set and while editing it’s all like surviving. The product is always worse than the first idea is, it is an order of things and the only thing I can do is to predict something I know about and compose greater than just great script for filming. It takes the margin force.

However, I have got the experience and the desire to create much more videos.

einaudi life 100


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