Notes for making other videos

These are just things which I understood making the little music video. As I want to study by the mistake I’m to write down such advise for future me here.

  • Have a more than a great script: filming and editing will take much out of the first brilliance.
  • Figure out every single scene: what’s place at the whole video, what emotions there should be, what details means, which not, how fast or slow this should be.
  • Talk with co-workers, make out the understanding of each other and compose it into the better one.
  • Scout before the filming (even if you’re absolutely sure about a place)
  • Decide the stuff about the dress and props.
  • Take breaks while filming, otherwise you’ll be too exhausted at the end of the day to make good frames.
  • Mind the weather and take the equipment for sunny or rainy ones.
  • Prepare properly before the filming day: read the script through, get the idea of main purposes and necessary things to shoot.
  • Keep calm and don’t panic anyway.
  • Make scenes properly even if you get tired – there would not be the second chance.

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