Visit to Mosfilm

It should be more exciting and terrific, but for some reason it was rather the common visit to the museum that something educating.

We went through the cold threshold and could observe some small metallic monuments of old bus and camera equpment. There was the grey hangar half full of old cars. Each was a part of some Soviet or modern time film. We went through the first area to the next with the war time costumes and cars. The father corridors were full of film frames and placards or just empty. Some rooms were about the costumes, some about the enviroment, transport means and models. The open pavilion expressed with it’s realism and full impression of naturalism (though watching the photos this impression faded away and it became clear that it’s all evidently fake) At the building one corridor had the window shops on both walls and lots of wigs on one side and many selicon models on the other side. It’s just like looking on acid coloured wigs and then turn right to the beasts with burnt skin or without it. The stand with especially worth dresses made an expression of harmonious composition by the one glass. There were thin fabrics with embroidery and well designed costumes. At the end of the excursion we could enjoy the new costumes for latest Anna Karenina film adaptation. I said ‘enjoy’ because of the well balanced concept of those dresses and official male suits. There was no vulgarity but delicate work of the details. Those became the reason for my expectation for the new film.

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The very end of the programm was privite. We went to the props’ warehouses. It was expected to see the shelves full of various kind of any thing beginning with the phones and ending with the folders. Those were badly lit enviroment with dusty air and old handwritten signs. The big props were closed at the big grey hangar but we could delight by the props for any war and any horse drawn cart. The addition to dust in the air was the smell of dirt and moisture.

In spite of all miracle of the costumes and the models there was not the main crucial thing. The spirit of cinema. There was something cold and casual in the way it served to the audience (no rebuke to the guide, she was really good). The placards, explications and costumes are the surface of filmmaking. It should shake imagination but it didn’t. The reality is the thing which can touch our fantasy and make it fly.


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