Why not now?

So, it’s evening, I’m washed again and sitting in front of the screen again.

What am I waste my life for? – was the question which made me turn the laptop on and start typing. What is it? Why am I so neglectful to my time, strengths and other resources? Why do I not appreciate every moment of my life as a chance to live the life I dream about? What is that strange superior power which make me reflect on nothing instead of creating and developing? Is there any supernatural force making me rather snail than lion? Isn’t it stupid to waste time on routine talks about impartial fuss instead of making real progress? Isn’t it idiocy to make the work with the left hand? Isn’t it simply waste of time and life energy?

There is already too much idle stir around nothing. There is too much talking and reflecting upon irrelevant things. Considering is good for understanding but what is the target of considering about petty things? There should be an aim to pursue, not just going with the flow.

As for me this is about my overload of social media. I browse them a lot while I feel lonely\lost or I corny try to avoid thinking and working. But the point is that I do not study, do not get rest and do not know the professional journalists’ works. There is no profit but lots of drawbacks. And the main drawback is the waste of time. I do afraid of this so much that I can hesitate about something and not be ready to dive in the action.

We should dive in and improvise sometimes as the well-set inner compass will certainly lead us in the right way. But we need to have such inner compass and be able to recognise the scent of the dream in reality. In a word, to be able to choose the proper book for reading and activity to do at the exact time period. To have a clear mind and ability to answer the simple question “why am I doing this and for what?” If I have to do this, am I really to do this with the left hand or I want to have it done properly?

The point I wanted to say but quickly found many dimensions was that I don’t want to have work done badly, I don’t want the life full of poorly made tasks.



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