The desire for higher status

The motives of people depend on basic ideas of happiness the society has. As at the root of any desire lies the wish of happy life. The point that most people act desiring to have a big account in the bank and high status seems at first glance an accurate observation. The world of capitalism shows the picture of fully life as the life of abundance and privilege. This life should have any excellent new good from the market as well as any kind of professional service for family. Most of people undoubtedly take this idea as truly natural and … Continue reading The desire for higher status

People break from the traditions of their predecessors.

  During the whole history of humanity, the views on ethic, culture and social life changed a lot. From the world of masters and their slaves, we passed to the world of liberal ideas and better opportunities for not privileged segments of population too. Sadly or fortunately, nothing is able to change in better or worse side being the same as it was in the past. To my opinion, breaking from the traditions of predecessors is one of the necessary steps in changing the existed situation. As we cannot have whole eggs and omelette simultaneously, we cannot to be new … Continue reading People break from the traditions of their predecessors.